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Competition Entry by streetz (Guest)

Submit Date: December 24, 2006

All i wan fa Christmas is
2 scales and a necklace
ah chess board a catapult satellite
thats it
i was a gud boy this year
its like Kringle's my enemy
so i gotta trick for his ass
as he slides down my chimney
2 years in row
i got coal
I'd be damned for a trilogy
silly me
i noticed mom was Santa on Christmas eve
my first though was
please go and stop her im fucked
i wasn't used to the cold
but I'll have to adjust
cause i pissed on da cookies
set some traps for my scheme
a lil extreme
moms had ta come in between
so as it happened
tried to run
but she caught my ass
i remembered laughed
as we looked at
past holiday photographs

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