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Competition Entry by gunnin (Member)

Submit Date: December 25, 2006

i am a soldiers of verse and time
everybody hold ya caz iam about to piss out my rhymes and i iant even lie
u cut my blood pain is near me
see the rap in me more than clearly
what i think is not santas christmas gift
i dont lie to my homeys and they never lifts me
drugs and bullet whenever i saw i sniff
my lyrics is orthodox and i never get relieved
i see 2-12 all frm the street and they are himself
they dont even care and they are heedless
they wanna fuck me but niggas dont be careless
even u shoot me u will do one foolishness
lips dont say what i am about
heart is pounding so i have to speak so loud
i use to hustle for bricks for franklin glimpse
although i heard too much of music then reup fills me
i am soldier marshall yeah u know whenever there is knock in door
put ur dick aside wiggas and get it on the floor
u see mr ferrari and anti back with marshall with some glare
catapault and knife aside bullets and drugs nerd motherfucker even cant stare
they tryna kill me like the king in the chess board
mr chaplins raps ha ha we are rapping not with wordsworth
more than money if u dont believe
ask caz i fucked ur honey and gave her the necklace and banged her reckless in ur laundry
now hold u p
mr game i saw ur video on satellite
and listened drs advocate i heard u cried
u snitched in the game and in begging also u lied
and photographed ur dumbass are tryna adjust it to my ass side
u love pussies like i do althoug h icant rap like u
u called urself great but my ass is greater than u
although ur rhyme doesnt win this competition neither reaches up to u
but u loosed u r greates fan and i just wannna say fuck u

how come ti be nominated for grammys altough 50 is not best of luck to my wigga eminem and akon and nate hope u will win

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