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Competition Entry by Gplayer69 (Member)

Submit Date: December 26, 2006

i just got done reading what u's not anything to worry bout...u might end up getting a new necklace.
who said i aint ready?
i can get this done as fast as fat santa on christmas.
i don't care if i say something u might like.i don't care if i say something that isn't right.
i'll adjust it so my rhyme is tight.when i walk in the room it just gets colder.i am the the one u dream about.i am #1 wit out a chess board,catapault, satellitedont don't forget about the t.v. so i can watch the trilogy.i'm playin when i say this.i'm givin u a reason to photograph me and get pissed.
i sit back a flow wit my rhyme.
i sit back in cuffs and pay for the crime.i betta believe what i'm gonna say.u betta get on your knees and start to pray.
i'm the type to beat u blue and black.when i'm around u better keep an eyes on your crack.
i enjoy seein u scream and cry in the rain.i'll sit back and watch u die in pain.i don't care about if u have the money and cars.all i care about is not gettin puttin behinde bars.
u might say my soul is dominted.
i don't care if my heart is tormented.i don't care if i have to lose my won't be my body washed wit the ocean tide.
when i speak i speak from the what if i end up in a 6 ft exetreme hole.

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