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Competition Entry by Xplizit (Member)

Submit Date: April 18, 2006

This one goes out to my girl!

Me and you forever, following the train of love,
Non stop passion, this love is a bug!
You interrogate me to see if my shit is legit,
Or if I'm fooling you into sex with a Pimp!
I don't play games babe, this shit ain't a puzzle,
Look into my eyes you'll see that I truly love you!
There's no method to my madness, love has struck me hard,
Must have been the time we meet in my back yard!
We smiled, you laughed, we kissed and then hugged,
I never thought a girl like you would ever fall for a thug!
You can spy all you want, No other girls can have me,
I wish I had an eraser, to help delete parts of my past!
Dismantle every memory that left me feelin hurt or sad!
Replace it with a picture of me and you,
That special ballon ride we took, We both new are love was true!

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