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Competition Entry by ShepN911 (Guest)

Submit Date: April 19, 2006

Interrogate the mind of this killer and you'll find, nothin' that implicates me cuz I don't leave traces behind, I dismantle all my victims and bury 'em in my yard, but you'll never know that cuz gettin' in my mind is hard, and my method of killin niggas is smart I'm not a baffoon, you can call me the eraser, I bring haters to their doom, so you can spy on me but if you get too close then it's boom, cuz I'll bust your fuckin head just like a water balloon, so keep doin ya job and try to find the puzzle pieces, but my brain is like a train, movin' fast and never ceasin', so keep lookin for the killer but you'll fall short in your endeavor, it's simple I'm just too clever to be caught, I'm free forever.

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