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Competition Entry by theycallmehit (Member)

Submit Date: January 12, 2007

they compare me to a rattle snake that strikes the cylinder
assault is one of my methods h-i-t dont hinder
i'll live up to my name you dont live up the game
i'll leave you in the hospital moaning in pain
if i dont kill you first you'll be disabled for life
you got hit by a white girl aint that a sight
punk ass bitches like you are like a high card in poker
you aint gon win wit that you aint gon smoke this smoker
i'm so criminal minded i'll leave you behind dead
i'm a magician i'll point my AK and you'll take 9 to the head
come out like prey and this rattlesnake gonna uncoil
i'll pull out my magic wand and this shit gonna unfoil

-h.i.t. best rapper alive aKa caroline jayda kirby

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