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Competition Entry by abm (Member)

Submit Date: September 1, 2005

still aint change

This rap shit niggers and bitches poppin" with this beat just relax and chill while I;ll be droppin' em ill lyrics
Back in the dayz of old, it all started like panda to water we was rockin' and poppin' to old skool
Young bulls always be breakin' em rap rulez

We was a force to be reckoned with ; the source and XL neva stoppin it, just blowing it, float it and showing it to the whole wild world like a brass coz we was grown to it, you know we love it that's why we're ruling it,
Beatz poppin streetz clocking gunz be still bustin' A.K's in the hood never be a surprise to em' bulls

Triple homicide all on freak side , enemies we ride ,don't fuck with us, might take y'all to tha grave yard
Mothafuckaz we aint doin shit ta impress ya ass,still destruct but neva cease ta play em ta gallery
They always smoke em tree flop flop round the clock clock making ma dogs be ruff ruff

Tha game's to hard to learn y'all can never understand it
You are the rookie,strech like spiral spring and we was the professionals behind life >>>>>>still aint change abm aka 2DIE4

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