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Competition Entry by Rage Incarnate (Member)

Submit Date: January 16, 2007

By the time you other rappers run dry, I'm fine, I just keep flowin'
you thirst for inspiration
your desert-I'm the ocean

A subliminal criminal
surface message is minimal
you're Illusions
smoke and mirrors, what you see in the cinema
put on your poker face, you should never reveal how you feel
I see your happy know you got a pocket ace
I see through you so often, your failure rate is probable
If every time were an injury you'd live in the hospital
One sec I'm there the next I'm not, like some kind of magician
Your powers there and then its not
call me the electrician
Seems to get deadlier and deadlier each time the battle breaks
Lyrics are poisonous, you know me by my sound, like a rattle snake
I got you in my sights tossin' chemical cylinders
shatter and Boom! It doesn't matter, you're doomed, the assault is when I vault the real bombs that I spew
I didn't win the last time becuz' you didn't like my methodsI'm gonna school all of you so you can learn to respect it
Streets and C-Mor Green didnt get any votes last time and neither did the basketball dude
Rage Out

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