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Competition Entry by gunnin (Member)

Submit Date: January 21, 2007

i cry with my pain
i die with my pain
tn the verge of my life i will lie on the palin
i am pshyco but i dont even knwo what my life it was then
like acylinder blowing above the air
my life is in books to hte roks ladies to he hoks
unattracted me always wante t ol ook good
i always wanted ladies in my life
i love the more than my hood
but no one even looks no one even stares
bitches goes around money and make me to dare
assalt me everytime when i went to them and wanted to care
byt i leace them aside and make them into stair
i cant do this i cant do that
methods are those like cribs moving int he map
poison in my hand i cant sue myself and look like a rat
one chance is gone one comes up again and we had to begin from start
i was in start 17 yrs ago
iwont now start i just wanna go
i am a criminal i am a thug i a m hustler who just wanna fuck
and left this world and wanted every one to know i aint got no luck
i am not magician who can control snake somehow
but i am coward and always be until now
i am doing one bravery that will make me
to all those by prooving that although i was alone n sitting in the dome
i killed myself i am not what u show
my name is gunnin(1990-2007)born to death
id id nothing to glow and made me pround and let my boat to row till my lifes door
but i am dead and let earth to throw one crap
now i might be in hell with bitches poker and doin my hand snap

write me ok gunnin says peace not piss in toilet
haha motherfuckers

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