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Competition Entry by pumbanine (Guest)

Submit Date: June 13, 2006

electrifying effectiveness we perorm lyrical excorsists class dismissed in a bathroom getin blitz
i moved up to bigga and betta things aint it funny what the chedda brings to the table and i cant remain stable
so ill unlock the lyrical locksmith the is g's locked in my office lost with the profets grab the mic and stocket cocket and get ready to rocket
talk shit drop it triumphant sustains the beats that im bumpin not dumpin shells slangin these tracks for sales mo money makes mo music thats my path an im a choose it 50/50 chance a losin.
funkadelic phsycadelia why wont you believe tha shit im tellin ya affiliates fill ya boots kill woman and children take care that shit cause im not fuckin feelin all this gangsterism my ism sizzilin all the killin fields yo there in the prison system , its a fact not fiction back up the affliction all tha addicted looked inflicted from this alcohol sickness
verbal bullets deploy with tha quickness from the rifle dont fuck wit ma life bro like jesus and raps next deciple not the next fuckin sideshow
not the next fuckin SIDESHOW!

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