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Competition Entry by First Person Anonymous (Guest)

Submit Date: January 22, 2007

u wac like your disabled
cant spell the a shirt if it was labled
to sad faced for a game of poker
put a white face like u joker
ur assault on words is rather ill
not enough to pay the bill
hooked on phonics cant be out of sight
methods of rattle snake is not a fight
to strike below the ankle
criminal does't get you on the mantle
uppercut yourself win a trip to the hospital
disappointment is a part of life
we all know its brutal
hope your were just playin
but u reallty should be prayin
cause life aint a gift u should be taken
betta than be faken
aint no bravery if thats the choice
u will be makin
a cylinder makes power out combustion
get spiritual to put your life in motion
like a magician with no tricks
dont be boxer if u cant take a hit
whoever said life wont hit you back
she's a -----, she'll hit you first
stop ur cryin chiken nuggets
u be fryin n not rhymin

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