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Competition Entry by rymesareforever (Member)

Submit Date: June 16, 2006

no pressure, i step forward and claim His name, seeking His pasture and the true Shepherd, steadily in His Word, regain my strength and prepare myself for immediate action, not worried about rejection, eyes straight not concerned by distraction, while they're digging in the encyclopedia searching for mind knowledge, i search the Word for life's verbs and Christ's calling, so my heart is open, prodigal drama to the world, when in all truthfullness it's happiness, no longer suspense, this life isn't a play, it's real, it ain't a game, the devils waiting to ambush you and take away your life, but don't let it scare you, because if your trust is in God then the devil can't touch you, you may get hurt though, it's only for an episode, because in all truth God is in control, so let it go lift your face and start running to God's base where it's safe because soon He's coming to take us to His heavenly place...

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