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Competition Entry by el'small (Guest)

Submit Date: June 21, 2006

My lyrics could be a prose,intrinsic motivation got me droppi the flows,straight from mind my experience or maybe my goals,interpreted thru words expressed to feel it, mental rhythmn so its best when i spit it,i feel im connected to the blues of nature,i breathe it u gotta use the gift God gave ya,concieved in the mind thru neurons it passes to the axons and makes me drop this lyrics,how can whackness ever exist in me when my legacy is supreme with no gimmicks,im the realest stay forever holdin it down,the passion is in it u clowns can never understand cos the love is in it, "its a rap y'll" you get plagued by jealousy blinded by beef,im just a valiant strongly guided by my belief,smoke to be relief strictly harshish, pure green leave yea thats what it is,now even when i dont see mona,my local dealer malik got it closer, like a triangle from ajs,aba to bollar,well nigga the beef aint over,with bringin dramma to ur style ur click's shook they sober,and i aint goin nowhere till this breath is over,n for the record my team stay firm like ice together we loc the hype be lies.....................

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