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Competition Entry by Zeeta (Guest)

Submit Date: January 24, 2007

i push it to the limit
my lyrics ain't gimics
i won't back down because i'm never timid,
i got 10 brains in one
i lock the mic down like my words is stuck in it
i tell them theifs to come and get it
my patnaz suitem up like lennix
a new face on a death appendix
i rock the core
i pull the devil out of hell
middle finger to the cops
i dips and mash so all you can see is my a**
i'm a woman of soul
thats why yo ear on swole
i lick my finger and flash whats left
one hundred and fitties
nikes and fruitloops
loaded in the new hooptie
doors wide open
straight dippin and yokkin
if i die tonight
i'll die ass a queen
recognized as a boss
never loss
it's all buttered up
and i'm standin on blood
i shout out loud,
the weed is packed i'm smoken blacks with gin
everybody around me is my enemy
F*** a friend
i got a slaughter mouth
and a twisted brain
my words hang low but go high
my s*** bang.

Thank u for reading my random flow DUCE!!!!

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