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Competition Entry by gunnin for first to last (Guest)

Submit Date: January 25, 2007

did i wac like disabled
do u get it nigga or my dear wigga i smack like cable
that u not see in ur tv caz i am able to say what i have to u and u dont have to put it in the table
i write hte for the hold up and hooks to hoks that is my label
i am not afraid to die i do whatever i decide
i am to my words not using methods to fakel
i made my own words to rattle the fatal like u
who cant write what u r but tryna break my status
that i havent have but i am rap game one fetus
who has been hated cheated fated by them who called them cactus
my words are ill my verse arent filled i get kneeled in front of ur heel
but there are only few who accepts the fact n cry and never chill
i am at hospital for my bruise to fill
but u know i cry when i heard u and i rap still
u dont know me i am shady soldier u can still kill
but u cant reveal what is life to be in grill
u know that lyrics was to all who sued in the knilt
filt they are brave caz they know so they died in cylinder like magician does in his show
ya i was prayin to god to let me go
u know i am alive of u and i think its ur turn to know
i am a criminal who uses poker for combustion not for lotion then i bark like dogs out of sight in snow
i agree life hit you first n i am fryin but i will be still rhymin and dont tell it aint close
i write to u immediately when i saw u to me u didnt assalted me but make me to ans up to ur nose
this lyrics is not great n just for u and just wanna say i to ans to u and i write what i feel through
i will be flying in cylinder like dj clue

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