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Competition Entry by cj (Guest)

Submit Date: January 27, 2007

Listen for a minute before you up and retreat
The jayhawk a p t s got the funkiest beats
C jizzle chillin up in d till the break of dawn
J hop on the right still getting it on
Just like any other Saturday we be hangin and chiefin
Decide to have a drink, what was I thinking?
Met up with a chick had tits like whoa
Had some coronas then it was time to go
Over to bs crib on the Louisiana spot
Pass me the patron its time for another shot
Off to the q whats this line doin here?
So I looked at my crew and we had to disappear
The next spot was fatsos, its not what you think
We only stopped by for a couple of drinks
Honey after honey we saw the sharks trounce
So we got the fuck up and decided to bounce
Where is our ride man where could she be
Who gives a fuck bout it lets grab the skunky weed
Took to the block, grabbed the hos keys
Grabbed the piece and a lighter and smoked those trees
We hopped in the car decided not to hitch
Cuz this is mountaineer jammin shizznit bitch
Whats that sound that im startin to hear
Its matisyahu and some Tupac up in my ear
Puffin drivin pimpin it was 3 am
We decided to call up a couple friends
No one was down so we kept on rollin
Drove the mother fucker like it was stolen
Cops drivin by it was 4 in the morning
Smoke fillin up the car like it was stormin
Switched up drivers im just getting started
By the time you get done youll be stoned and fuckin WETAWDED
At 5am you know whos on the streets
Hos, squealers, drug dealers and dead beats
James h at the wheel holdin it down
Takin us around the whole fuckin town
At 530 we decided enough was enough
Decided to park the car and grab our stuff
Chiefed up ass out we decided to pass out
Knew later this would be somethin to laugh about
So this is my story about our dish
Cuz this is mountaineer jamming shizznit bitch

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