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Competition Entry by delboy (Member)

Submit Date: August 2, 2006

You see ma face printed all over this magazine
rep it up all day long if u no what I mean
talk about how I keep ma cool in a battle
got the rap game falling in line, like cattle
but when they ask me about what I really mean I have to bite my tong
u see often with me my heads lightning storm
pick a subject I dislike and I find it hard to keep my calm
you see things get blown out of proposition kind of like Uranus
and I start talking a load of crap, u no about this and that
about how I hate someone a hell of a lot
diss them on the lines of the Intelligent they got
make a new beat on the keyboard
my rhymes flow like sum sorta seesaw
but half the time with my rhymes I gamble
a lot of the stuff I say would make your skin crawl
but just no I donít mean it
just say it to Equip my lines with the extra edge
u no give u that extra prick of over the ledge

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