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Competition Entry by Lil_Forreely (Member)

Submit Date: August 8, 2006

Ayyo...I Rhyme Day Til Night, Night Til Day In The State Of New Jersey Cuz Its Where I Stay. Alotta People Ova Here Dont See What I See, Dont Eat What I Eat, And Dont Dream What I Dream, But That One Day I'll Be On A Rappin Team, And Show Everyone Who Doubted Me, The Way I Run This Game. I Was Sayin Dont Run Up On Me Cuz You'll Loose Everything If U Bet Against Me, I Was Born Ready And Im Here To Win, So Imma Sit Back And Tell Yall How It Began. I Was Born & Raised In Jeraz but Always Wished I Could Fit In And Be From across that river, everyday has been a cloudy day wit rain pourin down and Frowns On They Face. now i been rappin since i was 9 years old writin raps on a paper and dreamin to be worth more than gold. my ma & dad always doubted me, they neva undastood that its wat i wanted to be, instead they make me Clean & Cook, My Life Has Been 1 Bad Ride Livin Wit Barley Any Money And Nothin To Keep Me Safe, My Struggle Is What I Got So far, So Dont Put Me Down Cuz Its Plain To See That I Can Be The Rapper I Wanna Be

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