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Competition Entry by jooba_balooba (Member)

Submit Date: February 13, 2007

doubled, king, arrange, paints, formula, letters, exotic, vegetable, automatic, flesh

Undeniably silently,
These peeps are all tryin to be
the next big time rhyme combiner on the scene
Tryin to be a rhyme headliner like me,
But their all much tinier than me
like a fly or a flea
Youre the fly
im the swatter
id be all up on you like a motorboat on the water.
Youre faker than me.
Remember that.
I got the hydroponic chronic thatll knock you on you ass
I got the raps,
The track,
And the baseball bat
To hit it all out the park so precise and exact.
In fact,
If im actin get your shank..
and take a couple swipes at the sherman tank.
Draw a blank. Thanks,
Ill draw the mona lisa,
And release a piece of
A shakesperian sonnet,
and anytime the beats on,
you better bet im on it.
Im a picasso,
a van gough, a donatello ceaser,
An ill rhyme spitter and a- crowd pleaser.
Im a meat cleaver cleavin meat so much easier than you could ever choppy choppy choppy choppy choppy choppy slice.
Thats right,
Im just a stuffed turkey,
Spittin out shit an callin it beef jerky.
Im blurtin and spurtin certain words to the beat,
Cautious of the churning burning subject that i speak.

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