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Competition Entry by Subliminal MC (Member)

Submit Date: February 13, 2007

Subliminal spittin iller than ya'll, MCís step n i kill em all
With Weapons lyrical my flows invincible
Hip Hop for life itís a ball, were indivisible
Itís double the trouble when i start a rumble,
Battling me itís a dumb call cuz u fumble words
Subliminalís White but no "king of the burbs"
Changed my name, arranged the game ahead of the range, Iím killin the herbs.
Workin my pen to an extent that'll leave ya bent like the paint letters on a wall,
Turning heads like an exotic dancer I Lyrically better ya'll,
Burning red as I flow hot, infectious like cancer
Why i spread like crack rocks on blocks fool
Take you out with divine rhymes the illest formulas my design
Make ya sound whack like a vegetable when I drop lyrically profound raps
Record on track, play it right back always spit the truth yeah I say it like that
I got a habit to rip rappers its automatic, the shit I spit u couldnít hack it with axes
Punch lines blow up like hand grenades infested wit STDís you get aids
Battling me is crazy like opposing death, youíre tired rhymes a corroding mess
Rip out ya ligaments, tearin ya tendons, not to mention your decomposing flesh
Neurological tissue canít contemplate the logical issue of why I stepped to diss you

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