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Competition Entry by dopederrick (Member)

Submit Date: September 3, 2006

check this out i got caught lookin up this hoes skirt, so ta get outta this i had ta flirt, my words did nuthin but hypnotize, and thats sumthin u depize, but back ta this hoe i had 2 capture, u shud kno it didnt take no rapture, but this hoe was higher than a pyramid, but nuthin wud stop me from gettin this hoe dammit, tha nite was amazin and thats notta diagnosis, thats sumthin any1 can notice, but her mom caught me in tha bed and she was speakin sum shit like siamese, she hadda knife so i had ta get up and flee, but lets move to my rap game and my movement, I got tha skills and talent jus lemie prove it, rap so ruthless ull end up in tha hospital, cuz in this game im pretty critical, ta kno im better than tha average mc doesn’t take a scientist, so be on tha look out cuz im sumthin not 2 miss, when u come in my presence its like a trespass, but next thing ya kno ill be collaboratin wit diggy Daz

if ya got advice or comments for a kid email me at

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