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Competition Entry by Courageous (Guest)

Submit Date: February 14, 2007

Sometimes I run around viewed as a marked man
but I refuse to run a beach full of dark sand.

It's only haters and dictators who see the impossible
but when you look in my eyes you can see I'm unstoppable.

And I get sick of artist and producers trying to track jack
just know the dealer always wins just like black jack.

See I'm an artist with integrity
so if you try to break my spirit I'ma let it be.

Most approach me,like, who you supposed to be?
I say " i'm courageous and you can see that if you look closely.

Don't let my success go to your head
i got an idea, just forget what I said.

Forget I said I was an artist, forget that I said I am Courageous
always, always remember that if you turn on a instrumental ima blaze it.

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