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Competition Entry by Lil_Forreely (Member)

Submit Date: September 3, 2006

ay jerzey you kno i rep u all tha fuckin way thiz verse go out to ya....letz see who luv ya back

NJ is Where I Stay
I Write Anotha rhyme like everyday
my homies wit me & we dont play
watch ya back cuz people hate
i rap n sing cuz its my fate
i'll bust ya mouth open like a crate
I got dat cady E. ridin up on main street
here we go, here it is
u aint neva seen a chick like this
imma b-ball playa, crazy hater, stickin ova here cuz im no trader
bustin down, ridin out
this type a shyt dont happen in the south
comin up, gettin loose
this how it is cuz jerse stay true
just rap aint no blues imma ruff kid get the clues
im two times of whut u see datz why no one compete wit me
i just talk bout who I be
Born n Raised In Jerayz Its A hard Life Like Everyday
I Can be like lil wayne and stunt like my daddy day after day
i can lay down rest a bit
imma come back all energic
wen i blow up, i'll go make a flick
put thiz to ya mind i aint no trick
trust me i aint gon' lie
i fight back eye to eye
stay this way til the day i die
aint no one gon make me cry

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