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Competition Entry by Frizzy2u (Member)

Submit Date: September 4, 2006

yo i spit my rhymes free, so ima hypnotise,
all yo mc geeks, go head an plagerize,
i let my lyric gaurd down n raise my voice like fists,
given yal a new cure like a scientist,
i wear red when i sleep, an blue when i cruise,
my lyrics so true i aint got to prove,
i bring heat to the stage, ima rhymen master,
i keep it so fresh, its tha fans i capture,
tha laughter remains when i serve the perp,
tryna battle the frizz, the loser wears a skirt,
an i kno that my deals are phenomenal,
but you laugh so hard till your in hospital,
but for now ima tresspass an blast the sound,
so you kno that tha FRIZZY'Z bowt 2 ROCK yo town,
i like, different types of girls aussie's an chinese,
poderican spanish chicks but never seen siamese,
so try these,
ive always wantd chicks from madrid,
or an egypt gurl, 2 make luv on a pyramid,
but ive chosen, my typical type of diagnosis,
il get wit a gurl wit who evers closest?!?!?!?!

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