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Competition Entry by konde (Member)

Submit Date: September 5, 2006

Now let's take it back to new york.
coz its where you catch ya ass lock.
Im a new kid on da block,
the dudes goes like , damn boy you fuckin rock,
this the dedication to my homies bihind the bars.
soon, gon drivin the hot cars,
yeah i will be the rap star,
its a b c now would you be,
its like 123 you cant see me,
got so many chains, bracelet and gee,
when i pack my car and wolk around the o.g,all chicks keep on chace me,coz imma v.i.p oh maybe im a p.i.m.p, whatever you say so,
im still riding the black snub,triggy's so hot, triggy is rock ah,triggy's so sick,but hey triggy's so cute ,mother fucka thats the trith.

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