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Competition Entry by live life (Guest)

Submit Date: February 17, 2007

(wut) (yeah)

live life live it

live it to the fullest become an alchoolic become a pothead be cuz by the time ur 60 ur ass iz gunna be dead so sit bak nd roll n L get in the syth and smoke it till ur fingers burn like ur in hell truu stoner wut truu stoner leather fingers you can handle the burn if u cant then u skip ur turn truu stoner wut truu stoner high as hell still caling ppl to see wut they got to sell u here a bell its ur dealer got shyt for u 2 sell but u end up somking it get ur self in to some deep shyt truu stoner wut truu stoner you keep hittin the blunt and you dont pass they get pissed cuz its burning so fast and ur pissed cuz ur hitting it last truu stonner wut truu stonner
your life is fucked up thts why u smoke weed but the tin tokers fucked you up so much u cant read truu stoner wut truu stoner
trying to wake nd bake everyday going to skewl teachers saying thell give u a drug test today truu stoner wut truu stoner so u find out one day u got no money u need weed itz not even funnny so u did something grimey and u dont feel big u kinda feel tiny cuz everyone hates u cuz u did sumthing grimey truu stoner wut truu stoner smoking out side the car outside the mall thinking sercurity gunna role up so u swallow the l everyone is like hold up truu stoner wut truu stoner L cruisin on the highway almost hittin cars but where so high we dont care if we die truu stonner wut truu stonner

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