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Competition Entry by Nu_jerzey_Chick (Member)

Submit Date: September 9, 2006

I Promise those, That i Aint Mike Jones, Now Watch the radio come through fo all these Bows.I love these hoes that give me pappers, also the ones that do me Fuckin favors, Just as much as they love me i Fuckin hate'em!

imma Stack My g's Like a Double D, Dont Have no fear this is my year, Im Take Over Like Im Chamillionaire.

Now im a Freakin Shock, and im Juss to Hot, Ima Bad gurl so i Cant repeat ur block, Watch Wat I Do, Ima Act a Fool, my insperata still flip and Dj screw, Nigga im out the chain, still in the game, im still on fire so im spitin the flame.. I Hate these Fuckin hatas Thats in My Way

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May 29, 2016

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