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Competition Entry by Lyrical_Ma (Member)

Submit Date: February 18, 2007

Where I come from the crime rates are doubled go da wrong on da blocc have yo blood splattered like two tone paints on da rubble, crime and pain is the formula dat makes up my DNA those three letters for me stand for distress, neglect, and aspect which I don't have on da rap game my bars will have you fellin' blank at the brain like a vegtable and a jaw full of uncut novacaine, it's automatic fo' me to spit fresh bars like old spice deodorant, so what I'm exotic and so sicc wit it homie get over it, behind every king you gotta dominant queen laid bacc, chillin' but still got control of da thing I put the arrange in arrangment I put all fake and weak emcees in lyrical endangerment cause my rhymes cut flesh cause they be so on point I could have a job in a deli department survin up sucka emcees on a skewer and light em up like a joint!

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May 29, 2016

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