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Competition Entry by davinco (Member)

Submit Date: February 18, 2007

Davinco wit da formula 1, the reigning king. First gear i lap the competition like it aint no thing. Automatically a competitor, the standards excelled. Manually spittin letters better than most of you can spell. Its Davinco in the flesh, like my inko from the clinko. Goin right through Jooba, like a 38 slug through ligaments. Its exotic like chronic from North Western Cairo, I'll arrange your assassination, through my bros who be pyros. I can make you a vegetable, while i double my dough. I doubled all my assets, and i doubled my bros. Its davinco remember my name, cuz the next time you see me im gonna have my game on. It wont be leavin my side, its on me like a shadow and i carry it with pride. In the daytime, the night time any time in between, The rhythm keeps me rockin as im rockin to the beat.

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May 29, 2016

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