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Competition Entry by gang$ta (Member)

Submit Date: February 19, 2007

ight yo here me out.....

one night, one night

one night turned into a nightmare stole my grandmas car got abousolutly no where threw me shyt in the car nd wen she relized i wuz to far in bayville to pick up my boy jumps in the front seat kicks up his feet turn the corner ready to go put the peddle to the floor we were out never looked behind to see wut life wuz all about going a 120 racing a mustang on the parkway 30 mins later are asses ended up in cape may 300 dollars a pocket full of change destination florida nottin wuz getting in r way but sumthing went rong tht day we started thinking way to much nd we just cudlnt handle all this stuff tried gettin on a boat to get farther away but we werent 18 so they sed have a nice day we were driving a 1996 nissan altima nd we ended up in maryland,baltima lets just say everything turned out ok some how we ended up home nd slept for the rest of the day

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