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Competition Entry by Mr. Balooba (Guest)

Submit Date: February 21, 2007

Dunie you suck when you spit shit out,
And i bust this shit like my nuts in your mouth.
Spit it out,
Ill come back and do it again
cuz youre a 2/10 no matter how much time you spend
Whippin it up,
It wont be enough,
Cuz my shit hits you like a 12 gauge buck.
Its the hot stuff.
Yours is rotten and rough,
mines silky smooth like a groove in the club.
You suck too much.
Dont try it.
Ill put you on a strictly streamin semen eatin diet.
Its a riot,
And i could go for 5 minutes,
5 seconds after i start,
Youd be finished.

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