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Competition Entry by money$hungry (Guest)

Submit Date: February 21, 2007

easy formula a bitch wit a switch tear off tha flesh. puttin everybodi 2 rest. vision gettin doubled from this green mz.ladi only wen i close my eyes i can easliy b disguised. LiL cleavege caught ya eye standin there like a vegetable. Lay it on me cuz ur etchable. etch u out wit jus one sketch usin my wrds wit my paints. hearin tha beats runin down all thru ya streets. Sweet sugar lips show u sumthin exotic. Feelin all down my sweet hunni thighs. Writtin letters on how u miss me. 2 bad ur a broke cat always dweling in ur own misery only to quick 2 diss me. If u see em point it out arrange a day sit high wit tha queen. keepin it real this aint no thong party cuz u kno i keep all 5 kings on my leash. keep tha range open wit automatic under my system. wanna diss me dont hate mz smokey cuz she b fly. hate ya dude cuz he b popin peas n underneath all those lies he still tryin to get wit me.

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