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Competition Entry by D-Reppin (Guest)

Submit Date: September 20, 2006

my lyrics sublime the flow u gonna be HYPNOTIZE im on the rise u TRESPASS YOU gonna die..i got the flu u kno im sick, so these rappers wanna take me to the HOSPITAL quick cuz they scared of my up clubs like a raptor u cant see me put that cam on auto CAPTURE..tryna be me im real sick of all it, ya styles ancient jus like an egyptian PYRAMID..imma always win jus like SIAMESE twins addicted to the rap game like a mad SCIENTIST my cars stay lower to the earth than my girlfriend's SKIRT, it aint passin her knee she better pass it to me..who u playas kno got a flow like this be killin them haters check their DIAGNOSIS u aint kno shit...u be askin me if i can do it..there's ya answer u kno i just PROVE it.

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May 29, 2016

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