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Competition Entry by Lil_Forreely (Member)

Submit Date: October 1, 2006

Im All On The Highway Goin My Way
Lookin Good Wit The Dime-E-ons in Place
Im Goin To Fast So The Cops On The Chase
they tryna handcuff me but im all in they face.
Now, RIDIN, goin threw this Big Distance of a Place.
Dang Cops Cant See Me, Cuz I Fly Like An Eagle In The Sky.
Jump Mad High Like I Was On A Trampoline, im goin to fast even thoe im in a limosine.
dang my car so fast it look like the back of an astronauts space ship. my car black on black or black on white cuz i lace em like a zebra, i leave a trace so hard that caculate witcha calculator, im so damn sharp that sometimes i wanna do a somersault all the way to my safevault where the the cash goes
everytime i take sum out its like the money print out yo!
See Even If I was Abondon zi would Still Make Cuz Of All This Rappin
Yo Since This Verse Is Over Yall Should Start Clappin

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