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Competition Entry by ChunkDaDuece22 (Member)

Submit Date: October 2, 2006

Ayo My Stats R So High U Gon Need A Calculator, I'll Be Like Steve Irwin, and Hunt On Them Alligators. I Ain't No Lupe Fiasco Skator.
Yo I Can't Go No Where Cuz I'm Abandoned, I'm Bout To Wild 'N Out Like I'm Nick Cannon.
Yeah Nigga I'mma Fly Like A Eagle, I Got Locked Up, Just Cuz Marijuana Is Illegal.
When The 5-0 Was After Me I Did Sum Tricks And Somersaults, I Hit The Cop In The Face, and Said Ooops My Fault.
Then The Cops Put Me Hand Cuffs, All I Wanted Was A Couple Puffs.
Now Im In A Uniform that look like a Zebra, Im So Far Away From Home I Cant See-Ya.
Cuz I'm A Far Distance From Home, I Don't Know Anybody Here I'm All Alone.
I Can Only Hear Yah Voice On The Telephone. Your So Lucky Cuz You Can Get Stoned.
I'm Bout To Bounce So I Think A Need A Trampoline, This Place Is So Dirty, It's Not Even Close To Clean.
I Think I Need A Space Ship Like I'm A Astronaut, Shit Man I Wish I Didn't Get Caught.
I'm Given You A Hint, If You Like This Rhyme Click File, Then Print.

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