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Competition Entry by D-Reppin (Member)

Submit Date: October 2, 2006

I am the forward kill rhymes with no assistance persistent so them gay rappers keep their
distance. got more figures than a damn calculator haters tryin' hard not to immaculate us.
mack my gators serve brain food like a waiter imma take a rhyme out ya page and page ya
later. my summary is so succint, its my instinct my rhymes cant be print cuz im hard
to imitate. wave that desert eagle like its made to be legal, when i steven seagal ya ass
they'll be no sequel. somersault bricks never assault chicks i just please em with my
astronaut stick. you have to jot this down or get abandon my trampoline llama beams spray
at random and lay ya ass down i am a phantom every time i flow haters start up a tantrum.
i dont see ya my lyrics pass through the bleachers reachin zebras even all jazeera libras.
sell the white stuff my homies call it dandruff dropped 50 G so we aint in handcuffs,
my fans hand me the crown with open arms, no other flow like this all these rappers
average and sub-par.

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