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Competition Entry by Frizzy2u (Member)

Submit Date: October 3, 2006

im at court in handcuffs,
judge told me to man up,
ther pullin me towards the cell
i can barely stand up,
im doin time from somethin legal,
my pistol pumps so leathal
so i thought i go an test it out an popped that desert eagle,
but a 5-0 was in distance,
they neva mind ther business,
they threw me on the vehicle an sed youv got no witness,
one threw out his badge up on the window tint,
sayin he was the law, an police in fine print,
so now, im put on my last resort
abandon like some astronaught
sitten writen poemz,
ther so hard they cant b taught,
im so hidden from the world, i cant be seen
unless you go olympic style boucin on some trampoline,
an somersault, an flip just so i can see ya,
im dressed up holloween lookin like a zebra,
im countin all my days on a peice of paper,
ive always hated math, i need a calculator
so playa, when you see this demonstrator,
dnt b a hater be a playa congragulator!!

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