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Competition Entry by Ny-X (Member)

Submit Date: October 4, 2006

Travlin tha Distance wrappin up work. Throwin it down in2 a Somersault. Seein thru tha Eagles eyes. No more lies. Therez a new chic here u better reconginze. Jake locked u in Handcuffs n dats no suprise. Worthless piece of shit n u aint nuttin but a snitch. Only 1 thing we got in common is tha Zebra Print on my loot and tha one on ur jump suit. Don Bitch im back trick. U need a Trampoline jus 2 reach up n see my penthouse sweet.I take a shot of liquor than a punch 2 ur ribs. N slice to ur Abandon. Leavin u abandond on tha dark streetz so all tha wolves can eat. So wen im spittin lyrically free u suckas r gonna be in way over ur headz. Kiss ur ass goodbye ull be tha 1st broke fool to be an Astronaut n fly. Dont matta wut u do w/this chop n screw this. I still bring tha heat strap back bring in tha gatz. Sittin there lookin stuck countin ur digits on ur Calculator n u left wit a buck. So next time u come around beggin 4 a taste u better start stackin my money high or u can b replaced.

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