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Competition Entry by O.B.A.$.(O.nly B.rothas A.nd $ (Guest)

Submit Date: March 13, 2007

Im always focused,the hatred stuck on my name now/
Caught in a battle which coincidals with life's trials/
Not understanding the weight of determination or what exactly im facing,anotha page of my revalation/
Yet and still, I still greet em with open arms at the functions where they adjunction to sit with satanly charm/
It's in my agenda to move with according splenda, my passion is to the maxim the pain is all I remember/
This crooked game a make a humble man make many faults, from the corner of a block where we all revolt/
Let alone all the battles that we all fought, still Im percieved very different because of my thoughts/
In a valley where the shadow and death still roam, innocent or guilty we all come along/
Put a curse on my back and I'll wish you the best, at the end of the road we all face death!/

(O.nly B.rothas A.nd $.istas)
representing the island of Haiti

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