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Competition Entry by AusieG101 (Member)

Submit Date: October 5, 2006

yo man i aint a nerd i dont use a calculator
ya moms say help help and i come and save her.
Yo man I Was Walkin On the Street
and this faggot cop came up to me
then he put dem rusty ass handcuffs on me. i was like ya kno who u messin wit im Ausie G.
Im Fly As The Skii Like Chamillionaire, Yo Im An eagle.
Everything I Do Is illeagal.
Im In Jail, Im Abondon
I Guess Its all cuz Im A bandit.
Look At My Chain You Can See It From A Far Distance.
I Aint No Hater I Dont Do No Dissin.
i have a trampoline and when Jump off it i do sum somersaults
Look At me In My Yellow H2 Hummer, I Just Took Ya Momz & F*cked her. Yo Im Like An Astronaut I Fly Up To da Moon, And U Can Find Me In Tha Parkin Lot
Ayo Man I Got Thiz On Lock
I Took A Picture Of A Zebra Then i print it, then after that i killed it

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