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Competition Entry by loop_pool (Member)

Submit Date: October 7, 2006

my brain veins scrutinizing these words , integratin' the verbs like a instananeous CALCULATOR/spontaneous introgetor's shyt 'll make yo skin raw n rough like an ferocious alligator./assume it dat am numero uno n no humour am using no more u know so get floozy cuz i've dat uzi to check yo gon drop scince like an epileptic chemist till u dukes ABANDON./smokin' chokes dust blunts aint gon save u from ma deagle.../if u'll act like Eric seagal then this ni99a gon' stab u wit his golden desert EAGLE./
My rhymin' skill gon' scare n kill till summer haults./verbally am gon' perform loco ditties wit double deuce n some SOMERSAULTs.../it aint ma faults in da rap game am equivalent 2 the game's name can spit without dj beats but mandoline./gasolene in ma rhymin' zone gon' dive me in da air n landin' without TRAMPOLINE./u dont fly wit yo lame skills like an ASTRONAUT...whose ass is rot n in bonus i'll put bamboo stick in yo butt..../alright bwoy u gatta hint now stop the sprint...c'mon dawg u watch how i'mma glint u can gemme by pryin' by laminatin' ma balls' PRINT..jus kiddin'/we all gatta talent either we r black or white or taurus or libra/.we all r the flesh sunk in the blood we all r like ZEBRA....who gat the stripes together makin' us stand against da racism cuz we've to kill this fucked up stuffs...we r one we r proud 2 be human jus work on it jus break the racism handcuffs../at an instance i can c the lights of our soul curin' the nuisance....we've to do this cuz noone could prevent this so make the cocscience comin' to u from a DISTANCE..n pray the lord to strenghten our resistance against this nonsense.

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