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Competition Entry by DJ_NZAMBI (Member)

Submit Date: March 15, 2007

You gotta stand out, cant blend in like a LIZARD

Can't be in the backround, be in front of every picture.

You gotta stay stong, gotta keep your principles.

Need to take risks or your labeled INVISIBLE.

There are good folks, the nice sweet ANGELS.

These people are living asleep, all softly in their mangers.

They don't know that even angels dangle round; with evil and
danger now.

And sometimes the DEVILS are level with the goody goods who all in their shells

No matter the roots of good and bad theirs always a group to worship them

The virtues flow through their blood like the POISNOUS sting of SCORPIONS.

Are thoughts are infected, are actions are like ELECTRICITY.

Turn them off and on when you feel like it, it's are fuckin misery.

Some people work hard and always Pursue

They bounce up to the top like adult KANGAROO'S

While the majority of the world CLIPS out and decides to be defiant

Not getting anything done, is spreading like water from a HYDRANT.

Its a plague effecting us more than a Virus.

Peoples virtues are subracting more than minus

stop being lazy... why dont we all try it


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