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Competition Entry by Kool_Kat (Member)

Submit Date: October 8, 2006

Somersault,Eagle,Zebra,Print,Calculator,Abondon,Trampoline,Handcuffs,Distance,astronaut yo man what iz thiz

imma spit my own verse from the top of head. I Get Mad Bread, Imma Winna,
Jus call me tha kat or or the Killa. ridin wit mah niggaz,
i fight lyke a gorilla,
u gon die cuz im finna.
im finna put u on my shoulder and take u ta ya grave,
naw not fa somethin u gave just fa sumtin u did, u tryna beat me when u only a new kid,
yea sure i signed fa thiz site today
but i can still beat anyone in tha rap game anyday.
and anyone who doubts me can go to damn hell.
i dont care go head and hate
cuz its my fate to take the plate or plaque.
wheteva u wanna say. my life is mad hard but today iz ma day.

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