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Competition Entry by Halfbreed pride (Guest)

Submit Date: October 8, 2006

Its ur gurl missc, im ur biggest and badest halfbreed. Creamy chocolate and vinilla mixed together the dark might take over depending on the weather, but that aint a prob cause darker is better. Its one of ur most talented races, that race has alot of ur famous faces. Yeah alot of us may rock underground, but that dont mean we cant make it to the top, while all yall peeps who think u better then us tryin to have us dumb found. Now i aint gonna lie cause i take pride in my white side, thats a side i really cant hide. But never mind, u better recognize, eventually i will rise, not in size but with soul and mind. Ima sign and dine on the finer things in life. This here is MY halfbreed pride.

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