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Competition Entry by HHR (Member)

Submit Date: December 18, 2005

My skills are sharp yet this is only the tip of the iceberg when I rhyme
My vinyl spins more often than rims on my ride
I'm picture perfect, that's why I belong in a picture frame
Blow up ya interior and leave the rap game scarred like an injured game
I'll hit ya frame my skills are electric and fuck wit your mind
Think that I couldn't score twice but this time lightning strikes twice
I roll with trick dice thats why my money never be low
Obstcales I overcome so quickly I'm here to save you all like Chino
While your tapes gather dust on the shelf
I'm out on the streets getting my raps(wraps) packaged like elfs
There aint no one as good as myself I take coke and I aint speaking cola
Knock you outta control across 2 polars

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May 29, 2016

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