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Competition Entry by Zwescenario (Member)

Submit Date: March 22, 2007

Getting it started it's Zwes the hardest MC
You 'bout to choke like fake thugs stealing ELECTRICITY
Takes me two lines, your 16 bars don't make any sense
Even if u were four-legged like a LIZARD u still couldn't stand a chance,
I hop higher than the hippest KANGAROO
Kid I wonít stop until i get right under your skin like a tattoo,
In the rap game Iím more like an ANGEL
I walk in your sleep and peacefully leave you sleeping in a different angle,
There's no denying my ish is on another level
I sin so much it pisses off the DEVIL,
Suck your blood through a HYDRANT
Connected to a hose-pipe in a form of da most POISONOUS snake
In a battle ring i sting like a SCORPION king
Catch u floating like a butterfly i simply CLIP your wing,
My vocab will leave u handicapped
Iím like a penis when itís erect, no f** that, Iím harder than that
The way i outshine rappers I make them seem INVINCIBLE
My lyrical capabilities deadly like diabetes
Signing off if I got u pissed off my job is done
'Tis the survival of the illest and there can only be ONE!

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May 29, 2016

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