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Competition Entry by Gad (Guest)

Submit Date: March 22, 2007

Lyrically i spark like electricity
Upcumin' the word spreads fast from city to city
Invisible thats why you praise me in your heart
Bite my Punch-lines to rescue you in battles so call me you guardian angel.
sting lyrically like a scorpion,causing emotional damage,heart pumpin' and jumpin' like a kangaroo
From all the MC's dat Crushed you,include me too!
Im the feeling of an old clip that you stashed in your crib,
Vocabulary poisenous,
to you its a meter of life and death,the rebirth,you are done,Its obvious
any signs?You better be cautious,
Watch you step!I change colours like the Chamelion Lizzard,
So Defensive i blow back like the blistering blizzard,
those aint just figurez,im much more bigger.
Hydrantly calm when i spit this shit,call me the Lyricall Devil while your patiantly awaiting my presence,resentless but see me,the end of your existence,Next!

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flamethrower, accident, kangaroo, level, shark, oblivion, storm, vehicle, squeeze, energetic

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May 29, 2016

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