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Competition Entry by The Saint (Guest)

Submit Date: March 23, 2007

Im good with my heat,But i gotta make sure its worth it.
Cause sniches pop up like midgets in the circus.
Never nervous,im built for this.
But i dont know shit about the drug buisness.
Sale guns for a living.
Buy more then 3.
Ill give you a 25 for free.
So dont try to compete.
Im outa ya reach.
Even thought you think you might get it past me.
Send cops to harass me.
Ill give it a week or 2 and let the heat die down.
Now you cant be found they say you went into protection.
Everybody knows but they wont make a prediction.
This thing of ours is fiction.
Keep a fear of what you dont know.
Cause i say so.
I dont take no shit.
Your good with your fist im good with my pistol BIITTCCHH.
40 cal turn your insides out.
No caseings found outside your house.
No evidence.
Professtional hit.
Gotta make sure the contract is fulfilled.
Now they understand its for real.
Fuck beef will end it easily.
I got the perfect remedy.

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