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Competition Entry by Frizzy2u (Member)

Submit Date: October 27, 2006

funny try

you see im holdin in some rage,
deeply flowin through my veinz,
i can die, but il remain,
spitten lyrics while im caged,
ima teach yo peeps a lesson,
my lyrics are a blessin,
come follow me an mess wit,
an instrument to test,
then we start our own parade,
rappin everynight n day,
hitten clubz n partay,
we can have it our way,
neva stop this tradgedy,
frizzy aint gone ever leave,
get pissed off an ima b,
a rappa turnin shady, but lately
ive been dreamin, seeing demons
they say that dreams havin meanings,
but these wernt human beingz,
these things wer legendary,
not many people caring,
im reachin out but therl b,
distractions an people staring,
its time to raise this roof,
an i kno wat i gotta do,
just stop an tell tha truth,
reality expects some proof,
but ima let it go,
freestylin on this show,
pick up your telephone,
an dial 4 me if you want votes,
but do not be a prick,
these hiphop fans are lovin it,
il get my hockeystick,
explain the pain when you get hit

love frizz

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