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Competition Entry by davinco (Member)

Submit Date: March 26, 2007

I electrify electricity
I bring heat to a flame,
I bring raps to hot,
You got nuthin on my game.
Its Davinco hip hoppin like a clip droppin kangaroo,
Not one of you dudes could even try to fit in my shoes.
I aint no angel;
Im evil with a d,
That spells devil for those subliminal mc's stuck in grade three phonics,
Im chronic rhyme spittin,
Im 10,000 miles away and i can see your sweat drippin.
You the lizard in the jungle,
Im the alpha male lion,
I drop the competition,
Like water from a hydrant.
I aint invisible,
You can see me just fine.
I got every one of you beat,
Word for word and line for line.
Cuz im poisonous to you,
What you say is fantasies,
And my every word is true.

~ Word to my homies, you know who you is.

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